According to the Greek Orthodox traditions, the memorial service is a very important ceremony held at certain dates after the funeral. The religious memorial can be done either at the grave of the deceased or in the church.
The main memorial services which are planned in a broader social circle are the ones of 8 days, 40 days, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year after the death.
Our Funeral Home can undertake the planning of all of the above types of memorial services, providing the best quality of catering and floral decorations.

  • We arrange the time and location of the memorial (cemetery and/or church)
  • We announce the memorial ceremony. We edit and print the memorial announcements to be placed at the residence, neighborhood or any other place you indicate
  • Memorial announcements are edited, print and placed at the residence, neighborhood or any other spot you might need
  • We order the plate of “kolliva” which can come in various designs and decorations
  • We provide the cover which includes cakes, spoons, small bags for “kolliva” and napkins
  • We handle the floral decoration of the church and/or the grave with fresh flower compositions
  • We make arrangements for a reception, usually coffee, rusks and brandy at a venue of your choice