Planning of funeral ceremony with professionalism and care.
The funeral is an unfortunate experience due to the hard circumstances of the loss. Our long experience guarantees the outmost respect and care in order to comfort the family.

We offer

  • We arrange the transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the cemetery’s facilities
  • We take care of the body (dressing, make up, etc.)
  • We offer a wide variety of quality caskets
  • We set the date and time of the ceremony at the church and cemetery of your choice
  • We announce the funeral. Funeral announcements are edited and printed to be placed at your residence, neighborhood or any other spot you might need
  • We handle any documentation with regard to burial license and death registration
  • We arrange the floral decoration of the church and the casket, with fresh and beautiful flower arrangements
  • We register the attendants in the condolences’ book
  • We can offer a church choir that can give a warmer tone at the ceremony
  • We can offer a high priest liturgy
  • We offer clearness of the spot around the grave for the easy access of the family and friends
  • We offer flowers to the attendants so as to express the last good bye to the beloved ones
  • Wet napkins are available right after the burial
  • We offer a unique coffin refrigerator for the families who want to keep the beloved deceased at home until the funeral ceremony. So family and friends have the opportunity to express a farewell at the familiar surroundings.